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You will hear from scientists and on-ground managers, including our keynote speakers:

Nominations have also opened for the 2017 ACTA AVPC Awards, promoting excellence in field-level pest management.

About AVPC 2017

The need for innovative and evidence based approaches to vertebrate pest animal management is imperative for providing solutions for Australian farmers, land managers, industry and government.

Innovative solutions come in many shapes and sizes. Since 2014 the first new wild dog and fox toxin bait in 50 years has been developed as well as new cutting-edge DNA detection tools to efficiently identify invasive predators and fish. Scientists and ecologists are also on track to release the first new rabbit biocontrol agent in 20 years and Australia’s first carp biocontrol agent. These innovative solutions are providing practical technologies to improve Australian agriculture, biodiversity and build our economy.

With at least 81 introduced vertebrate species having established populations in Australia – now is the time for action.

This conference will be the 17th in a series convened by the Invasive Plants and Animals Committee (IPAC). The conference is held triennially, with the last conference held in Brisbane in May 2014. The 2017 AVPC is being organised by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, in conjunction with the Australian and ACT Governments.

The role of IPAC is to provide coordination in policy, planning and overall strategies which address pest animal problems. Through these triennial conferences, IPAC aims to increase the exchange of ideas, knowledge and innovations of all those involved in pest animal management in Australia and New Zealand as well as internationally.