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The theme for the conference is “Translating Science into Effective Management”. The conference will promote not only outstanding research and on-ground management successes, but also demonstrate the techniques and strategies that are employed to translate research outputs into effective and long-lasting impacts.

The suggestions shown below for each symposia are not restrictive and are only to give an example of potential sessions rather than being prescriptive:- 

  1. Putting research into effective practice, including community engagement and action
  2. Predator Free New Zealand 2050
  3. Managing feral cats
  4. Managing wild canids
  5. Managing rabbits
  6. Managing feral pigs
  7. Managing deer
  8. Collaboration and community coordination including:
    – What made your community IPM program successful?
    – Understanding the pest, or the people
    – Maintaining social licences and community support
  9. Managing urban and peri-urban pests
  10. Biotechnology and Genetic biocontrol
  11. Biocontrol
  12. Surveillance and incursions
  13. Eradication; when can we do it?
  14. Managing off target impacts
  15. Zoonoses and exotic animal diseases preparedness
  16. Technology and innovations including:
    – Automated systems for managing pests
    – Role of Artificial Intelligence in pest management
  17. Open session

Abstracts will be reviewed prior to acceptance and may be edited. Potential speakers and presenters of posters/ speed talks will be notified of acceptance by the 25 March 2024. Please note that final acceptance is conditional upon registration of presenters. The Conference committee regrets that it is unable to meet any travel or subsistence expenses  

Abstract submissions close: 28 February 2024

Abstracts under review: 29 February 2024 – 20 March 2024

Authors notified of acceptance: From 25 March 2024

All abstract are to be submitted in the following format:  

Style: Abstracts to be written in English and submitted in MS Word format, with text Arial or Calibri font of 12-point.
Title: Maximum of 20 words, uppercase, bold, centred.
Authors: Lower case, centred with speaker highlighted in bold.
Addresses: Single spaced, centred, multiple authors identified by superscript number, also matched to speakers’ names, keep addresses shortened where possible. Speaker or senior author email address to be included.
Abstract: Maximum 300 words, no exceptions. Lower case, single spacing. Use double spacing between paragraphs if required. Sub-headings, tables, figures and references to be included within the 300-word limit.

For all queries, please contact the Conference Organiser, Conference Logistics   

For all inquiries regarding the program, please contact the Program CoordinatorTony Buckmaster 

We specifically encourage indigenous Australian, Maori and Pacific Island rangers and land managers to submit abstracts outlining their perspectives and activities related to these symposia sessions 

You are invited to present a spoken paper or poster with a speed talk. Spoken papers are offered for a 10  15 minute presentation and poster presentations will have a two minute speed talk to promote their poster embedded within the corresponding symposia 

A prize will be offered for the best student presentation. Only full time students are eligible. Proof of student status may be required.